How Can You Tell If He Is Interested In You

We gave you the basics and we showed how to get his attention, we even talked about how much looks matter, and by now you’re probably asking yourself how to know if he’s interested in you. Well, turn your antennae on, ‘cause there are a lot of things to look out for. There are a lot of different signals, showing a guy’s interest, so take notes – here are the most common ones.

One of the most obvious signs is that he’s around you all the time. He appears in front of your classrooms, if you’re in the same school, he’s already with your friends when you call them, he’s at a concert you’ve talked about for months, etc. And every single time he sees you, he smiles and comes to talk to you. He will talk to you on social networks, the guy just tries to contact you as much as possible and will be happy every time he does.

Another thing is knowing a lot about you. For example – you don’t remember telling him your birthdate, but he knows it. He knows what classes you have, where you hang out with friends, what’s your favorite band and all sorts of stuff you didn’t even tell him. Not only that, he wants more! He’s constantly asking about your plans, hobbies and anything he can’t find out from other people. You cannot go without noticing all the info he has on you.

Two words – body language. If he touches you ‘accidentally’ a lot, if he stares at your lips, if he tends to stand close to you – it all means he’s interested. When you like a person you want to be around them and subconsciously find innocent ways to touch that someone. So be on the lookout for these signals, they’re also hard to miss. Also a lot of eye contact is a sign that he’s interested.

Treating you differently is another important sign. He might agree to do things for you, he wouldn’t do for his friends or classmates or maybe you’re the only person he calls a certain way (like ‘sweetie’). Most importantly, take notice in how he acts around other girls, if he’s cool around them and shy or nervous around you, that definitely means he’s into you.

If you’re having trouble seeing any signs, ask your or his friends. It’s easier for others to see these things, because they don’t have feelings involved. If he talks to everyone about you, asks them about you, they will have noticed and will tell you that he’s interested. Don’t be afraid to ask, even if he’s not interested, you will definitely find someone else sooner than you think.

So these are the signs we suggest, however everyone is different, some people don’t show their feelings well, don’t be afraid to ask him if he’s interested. It’s the best way of knowing and getting the show on the road. Sometimes people don’t fall for each other immediately, a guy may start to like you, after you get to know each other, not everyone gets to know how they feel just by looking at someone.


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