Do You Commit These Kissing Faux Pas?


It’s said that everyone over the age of 25 has a kissing horror story. Think wandering tongues and sucking lips. Cast your mind back to your snogging adventures, and you too can probably pick out a moment when a kiss was more turn-off than turn-on.

What none of us ever think, however, is that we could be somebody’s kissing horror story. Out there in a bar somewhere, an ex of ours could very well be making a joke about how we once tried to ‘eat their face off.’

The horror.

Truth is, there are many faux pas when it comes to kissing, and many people commit them without knowing. What are these faux pas? Glad you asked… Continue reading Do You Commit These Kissing Faux Pas?


The Top 5 Reasons Most Women are Single

It’s not much fun being single. Sure, you don’t have to fight over the duvet covers at night, and you can skip shaving occasionally, but on the whole, it’s a fairly lonely existence. Not having anyone to snuggle up to can get fairly depressing, especially if all of your friends are in relationships and are rubbing their happiness in your face.

If you are single, there’s probably a good reason for it. Did you know, most single ladies are making at least one of the five dating mistakes we’ve listed below? Continue reading The Top 5 Reasons Most Women are Single


Does Girl`s Look Really Matters For The Boys

look hotThe previous article about getting a guy’s attention may have helped you, but you’re still sweating over things like how you look. Body image is a serious issue in teen years, but mostly it’s just in our heads. Going through all the changes can mess with your confidence and how you perceive yourself, so do not forget most of your ‘ugly’ features are in your own mind. Continue reading Does Girl`s Look Really Matters For The Boys


How Can You Tell If He Is Interested In You

We gave you the basics and we showed how to get his attention, we even talked about how much looks matter, and by now you’re probably asking yourself how to know if he’s interested in you. Well, turn your antennae on, ‘cause there are a lot of things to look out for. There are a lot of different signals, showing a guy’s interest, so take notes – here are the most common ones. Continue reading How Can You Tell If He Is Interested In You


How To Act On Your First Date With Him


After you’ve gone through all the wondering, does he like you and how to show him you like him, we talked about, you’re finally going on a date with him. That can still be stressing, but now at least you know he’s not only interested, but he also wants to do something about it. So it’s up to you to decide the course of things. Continue reading How To Act On Your First Date With Him


How To Make Him Your Boyfriend In The Long Run

After giving you some info on dating, it’s about time to talk about where you two are going to stand after this. You probably already have someone you’re into, you’ve gone to one or several dates with him, but you don’t know just where do you two stand. You probably have made up your mind and want the dude as a boyfriend. So what’s left to do now? Don’t stress, we have some propositions on how to get what you desire. Continue reading How To Make Him Your Boyfriend In The Long Run


How Could You Get His Attention

Get His Attention

After talking about the basics in dating for the teen girls out there, let’s get some info on getting a guy’s attention. There are a lot of ways to present yourself, point out your good qualities to get someone to notice you. First of all you need to understand everyone is different and unique, so there are a lot of things about every girl that can make a boy show interest in her. Think about your strong sides and you will find the courage to get someone’s attention without too much work. Continue reading How Could You Get His Attention


Dating Website – How To Use It For A True Relationship

Each of us comes to this site with different intentions: some are really looking for a life partner, and someone is considering the opportunity to meet only as a kind of entertainment, a way to pass the time without any specific purpose. And that is another motivation has a right to exist, but for those who come to the site with serious intentions, partner search is complicated because of the abundance profiles posted by amateurs only surface communication does not go beyond the virtual online dating.


Thus, you face the task to choose from a huge database of precisely those people who have made it their aim to find a partner for long-term relationships. There are a number of signs on which the aggregate with a high degree of confidence to say that the people are really looking for the love of a lifetime. What are these signs? Continue reading Dating Website – How To Use It For A True Relationship


The Basics Every Teenage Girl Should Know About Dating

Dating can be really stressful, especially when you have school, parents to deal with and boys you can’t quite understand. So to help, we’re offering some information that will guide you through dating, all put into a sequence of articles under the theme ‘Dating Teens Secrets For Teenage Girls: Dating For Teens Made Easy With These Great Mysteries Revealed’, highlighting the most important points. So let us start with the basics.

Continue reading The Basics Every Teenage Girl Should Know About Dating