How To Make Him Your Boyfriend In The Long Run

After giving you some info on dating, it’s about time to talk about where you two are going to stand after this. You probably already have someone you’re into, you’ve gone to one or several dates with him, but you don’t know just where do you two stand. You probably have made up your mind and want the dude as a boyfriend. So what’s left to do now? Don’t stress, we have some propositions on how to get what you desire.

If you are sure about him being interested, it’s not going to be too hard to become a couple. We said it before, let’s say it again – spend as much time as possible together, but alone. He won’t be able to stand being with you, without actually being your guy. The time you have spent together will make him want to act.

Always stand close to him and touch him whenever possible, he will enjoy it and soon he will miss you all the time. Suggest dancing together when you’re at parties or wherever possible, stand close to him, it would drive the guy crazy for you. He’ll certainly want you for himself once he gets used to your tender touch.

Show him you appreciate him for who he is. A lot of girls dream of changing the man they like, after they become partners. That’s wrong and is a great reason for boys not to want to be with a girl. When he understands you like him as he is and have no interest in changing him, the guy will definitely feel comfortable to make you his girlfriend.

Make him feel you closer emotionally. Talk about personal stuff, ask him about his deepest thoughts and feelings, share secrets and once he feels like he can trust you, again he’ll want to keep you for himself. Find the things you agree on and focus on them. Seeing you have the same point of view as he does, will drive you even closer together.

Call him, text him, find ways to communicate as much as possible. If after that you stop all contact for a day or two he’ll start to miss you. And he will try to contact you in any way possible. This makes a guy feel a need for you, and once he has that, going into a relationship is inevitable.

Make his friends fall in love with you. When you become one of the gang for them, it will become clear for him that you are the most awesome person ever. The fact that his friends like you, as we’ve said before, definitely makes you a keeper, not every girlfriend gets along with a guy’s buddies. But you do, and that’s why you’ll be the perfect girlfriend!

You won’t need to make a lot of efforts to make him your boyfriend, once he shows interest. Most guys go for what they want, and if it’s you they want, you’ll know it soon enough. Again, the reminder – be yourself,  don’t  alter your personality to get him, or you’ll both be disappointed when he finds out the reality. So this was the last article, revealing dating mysteries for teen girls, wish you luck with getting the guy!


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