How To Show That You Like Him

After the other ideas we presented, it’s about time to talk business – how to show how much you like the guy. It’s not always good to tell a guy right off – better to start with giving  out some signals, so he can be prepared for the news later. So what can you do? A lot.

One of the first and easiest things you can do is complimenting him. If you’re a bit too shy to say he’s handsome, try complimenting him on how funny he is, or other stuff he’s good at. If you say he’s really good at something he loves doing, it will definitely be greatly appreciated. People love when someone appreciates the time and effort they give for their hobbies.

Be around him! As we mentioned previously, seeing someone a bit too often definitely gives you a hint. Go to places he hangs out and contact him often, suggest going out, so you can get to know each other. The more info he has about you, the better. You will find common interests and subjects and that will definitely make him more curious about you.

Smile all the time and be nice to him! Treat him differently, that can’t go unnoticed. Giving him special treatment might make other people unhappy, but to him it’s definitely going to be beneficial. And it won’t take a lot of time until he notices it. The fact that you treat him extra nicely will definitely make him see you as the girl he’d want to be around as often as possible. So don’t hold back- show him just what you have to offer!

Talk about him to his friends as often as possible. If he doesn’t get the hint, they surely will! And they won’t keep quiet about it. He will soon be talked through all the signs you’ve given and the ball will be in his court, so you’ll just have to wait for him to choose what he’s going to do. When talking to his buddies, don’t exactly tell them you like him, just ask about him, say what you did together, etc., they’ll know their job.

Laugh at his jokes! They might be his best attempt to show you he likes you. Even if they’re not that hilarious, at least you will make him a bit more confident, and that’s what he needs to tell you about how he’s feeling.

Offer him to go to places you go to – parties, concerts or just to hang with your friends. That will show him that you like spending time with him and you adore his company and that definitely can be eye opening. The fact you want to be around him is hard to neglect, so he will surely get the hint, especially if you’re normally in different friend circles.

Doing all these things, so he could get the point can be exhausting. If you’re drained from trying all this, just tell him. It’s not scary – he might be trying to find the nerve to express the absolutely same thing. Be the confident and honest one and reveal your feelings – you won’t lose anything.


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