How Could You Get His Attention

Get His Attention

After talking about the basics in dating for the teen girls out there, let’s get some info on getting a guy’s attention. There are a lot of ways to present yourself, point out your good qualities to get someone to notice you. First of all you need to understand everyone is different and unique, so there are a lot of things about every girl that can make a boy show interest in her. Think about your strong sides and you will find the courage to get someone’s attention without too much work.

You probably already have a target, so it’s good to learn what he likes and find common interests. It may be music, sports or a talent that you both share. Ask the guy or his friends what he’s into and you’ll definitely find a lot of subjects to talk about. Take part in events he participates in, of course, only if you like them as well. Finding someone who shares your interests is definitely attention catching.

Another way you could get someone to notice you is to focus on everything you like about yourself. It may be your sense of humor, tell him your best jokes, if it’s looks – use them, if it’s singing – make him hear what you can do. Just be your normal self and show the guy all the things you can do – he will definitely be intrigued.  Everyone likes confidence and showing off your abilities is the best way to come across as confident.

Don’t be shy – talk to him! Smile, laugh at his jokes, be curious about  what he does, suggest doing something fun. Sooner or later he will see that you are interested in him and he will give you a proper response. If not, there are a lot of cute boys out there, so don’t beat yourself up too much.

Be around him as much as you can. Seeing someone often is the best way to become interested in that person. Of course don’t follow the guy around – he might find that weird, but talk to his friends, go to events he’s going to, meet him in normal places he hangs out, that will certainly make him notice you and it would also be a reason to talk more often and get to know each other. Also get to know his friends – the fact that they like you is definitely a signal for him that you’re cool.

Try to look good. Looks are not the most important thing, but you need to make an effort. Being healthy and clean is always a good thing. Wear a perfume that he can recognize, put on a little makeup if you feel it would bring out your beauty, do your hair – whatever makes you feel pretty will work! Also, be beautiful on the inside – be nice to him and the people he respects and cares about, nothing is better than a person who looks and acts good.

A guy’s attention is not the hardest thing to get, not forgetting to be yourself in the process is much harder. Don’t try to become a person he wants, but show him you already are that person. The guy might already know that, so keep an eye out for body language and how he acts around you – you may be trying to get something that is already yours!


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