What’s A Girl To Do When Her Boyfriend Dropped

So, you had a break in relations with your boyfriend, and it was the initiator of the gap. Believe me, this situation is not new. The sad statistics tell us that almost half the world’s population has gone through a similar test of parting with a loved one.

dropped girl

Particularly it hurts when a guy throws a girl for no apparent reason or motive. Many of them do not even bother to say any explanation of his actions, and simply say, “We are parting, goodbye.”

The first emotional reaction

Initially you covered resentment, a feeling of emptiness and loneliness, unwillingness to communicate with anyone, the desire to withdraw into himself, in his shell and silently cope with the loss. At this point, you should try to relax as much as possible without unnecessary emotions and despair, to analyze what happened.

The first thing you must understand is that it was the cause of the relationship between you and your partner, what your actions or traits have become an insurmountable obstacle between you.

If you can understand and articulate the answer to this question, you will be half way to ensure that, realizing your mistakes, try to build new relationships by not repeating the same mistakes.

And do not so important, whether you will be able to bring back your guy, or you start to build your personal life with a clean slate, having become acquainted with the new man. The most important thing is that in your new relationship you should take into account all the lessons of your previous attempts to build love.

Rupture of relations after intimacy

It happens so that the guy throws the girl immediately after the first attempt of intimate relationships. In this case, the girl can experience gap is even more acute, as it will chase the feeling that it just took advantage and played enough, like a toy thrown.

This impression is erroneous, since the real reason for the break in relations always lies much deeper, namely the possible psychological incompatibility of the two individuals.

That guy with the girl decided to leave it after the first sexual intercourse, he said only that the partners did not establish a strong inner spiritual connection.


More difficult is the case, as a result of the first physical intimacy between partners, inexperienced girl gets pregnant, then her boyfriend throws. This option, of course, does not do honor to the young man. In any case, the birth of a child for any woman – it’s always the joy and happiness of motherhood, which is not comparable with anything more in your life. First of all, you should consider that not all women can have a baby.

How to respond to the guy leave

If you realize that the guy decided to end your relationship, try not to make noisy scenes with the smashing of crockery, high-profile departures from the slamming doors, etc. All of this will not help you to return the love back. Try just a little while to stretch the separation to morally and psychologically to get used to the idea that it was over between you.

The best thing would be if you parted good friends and continue communication even in the separation.

It is fair to say that some of the girls, on the contrary, helps the powerful splash of emotions, scandal, shouting themselves hoarse, with the destruction of photos and all the things that he has presented. Dropping so emotional stress, these girls will bounce back to a state of equilibrium with themselves and the world around them. It all depends on the specific type of psychological each girl, so giving any general advice to her is difficult.

Do not stay alone

Now, that should be done immediately after the separation. The best cure for worries about the loss incurred – is shifting attention to something else. Friends invited you on a picnic? Remarkably, this is exactly what you need right now. It’s time to go to gym, solarium, sauna immediately. Gradually, you will feel like a good mood and confidence back to you.

And, of course, the most important question after you have recovered somewhat from the shock – whether to attempt to return the guy or start to build a new relationship with a new man?


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